Our main goal is to provide our customers with a high quality product for a reasonable price. We are proud to bring you the newest collection of modern interior and exterior doors. We are currently located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois and plan to expand within several areas of the United States and Canada. All of our interior doors come with a door handle, frame and trim as well as interior hidden hinges. We also have available baseboards and 1/4 round to compliment the trim of the doors so everything in your home will match.We have experienced installers available anywhere in the US and Canada. With EDI you always get more for less.

Our products and services in brief: Exterior doors (exterior front doors, modern exterior doors), Interior doors (glass interior doors, interior doors with glass, interior double doors, modern interior doors), Modern doors ( modern entry doors, modern front doors). We sell highest quality Polish doors. Please check the appropriate pages for more information.